My Current Eye Shadow Brushes

Eyeshadows…the most fun part of my makeup look…all the different colours to blend, blend, blend until they smooth beautifully (and until your arms gets sore).  I find that eyeshadow sets off every look and even the most basic eyeshadow makes your makeup look complete and gives that graceful appeal.  Eyeshadow in my opinion is the makeup step which can set you apart from others.

Eyeshadow brushes, in my opinion, should make the application and blending process easier and give an effortless and blended look.  I am really happy with my eyeshadow brushes at present, don’t get me wrong, I always want to try new ones especially new pretty ones, but the ones I have are great!

IMG_2510Real Techniques Starter Set


I love Real Techniques brushes, especially their price tag, falling within the more affordable range of brushes.  The Real Techniques Starter set has three of my favourite eye shadow brushes:

  • Base Shadow Brush (number 2 in the picture below):  This is my favourite brush from this set, which I use to place a wash of colour all over my eye lid.  It is multi-purpose due to its feathered shape, having shorter bristles at the edges than at the centre and therefore I use it for placing colours into the crease also and blending darker colours from the outer corner of the eyes through the crease.  I think it is a wonderful brush due to its many functions.
  • Deluxe crease brush (number 1 in the picture below):  I use this quite large and densely packed bristled brush to place colour in the outer corners of the eyes and blend upward through the crease originally.  This brush is rather large and so may be too large for some I find it is great for when I am creating more dramatic eyes.
  • Accent Brush (2nd brush from the right in the above picture): This is the last brush that I use regularly from this set.  It very thin brush is tightly packed and I find great for placing and blending colour under the eyes to get that smokey eye effect.  I also feel that placing a little colour under the eye also completes the eye look, instead of just having product on the lid.


The set also contains a brow brush (number three in the picture above) and a fine liner brush for applying liquid or cream eyeliner.  To be honest I do not use these brushes often.  However a quick tip for when mascara accidentally ends up on your cheek or eyelid; let the mascara dry and then use the brow brush to remove the mascara by using appropriate pressure…this should keep the rest of your makeup in tact.

All of the above brushes have synthetic bristles which I find apply the product very smoothly and are very easily cleaned.  Following cleaning  I find they dry so quickly also which is a big plus for me because I hate waiting on brushes drying.  Another great feature of this set is the case that they  come with, which folds over so you can place them on display.  It holds all my favourite eyeshadow brushes and is great for travelling and storage. Another great tip for this holder is that you can place the brushes in it upside down when they are drying.

This set can be purchased for £21.99 at the time of publishing here.

EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set


The duo ended brushes in this pack are perfect for travelling based on their dual purpose contained four brush heads on two brushes.  The first brush contains a brush for placing shadow on the whole lid, and is perfect for packing shadow on if necessary.  The other end of this brush is basically a brow brush however I don’t really use this.

The other brush contains a blending brush which is great for initial and precise blending in the crease and also for blending colours together on the actual lid.  It is quite a small brush in diameter (not length) with all bristles pretty much being the same length, therefore I would not advise this as you’re only blending brush for the crease.  The other end of this brush contains a smudging brush, much like the real techniques accent brush however it is thicker and blends out the product better.  I normally place the shadow under the eye with the Real Techniques accent brush and then blend the colour with the EcoTools smudge brush.

These brushes are cruelty-free which is a great quality when choosing makeup brushes.  At only £6.99 currently at Boots, these are such good value for money!  You can buy them here.

MAC 217 brush


This great brush is my main blending / crease brush.  I use this brush to blend the colours in my crease and make the edges soft.  I find this brush perfect for this due to its oval shape.  The quality of this brush is great and cleans so easily.  Unfortunately it is more expensive than the above brushes costing £20.  It can be purchased here.

Smashbox Crease Brush


This brush, although it is quite expensive at £19.50 really is an amazing brush.  Using this fluffy and soft brush in circular motions and up and down along the crease will quickly blend the colours taking away any sharp edge to your shadow and leave it looking professional.  I really think this brush is great, especially when building quite dark colours into the outer corners and on to the crease.  I think it’s rather large size helps to distribute the product thinly, blending the colour perfectly with little effort.  You can purchase this brush here.



2 thoughts on “My Current Eye Shadow Brushes

  1. hopexo says:

    Hey, I am new to beauty blogging and was wondering if you have any advice on how to start and what sort of things you would like to see from other beauty bloggers.
    Thanks Hope xx


    • beinggracefulblog says:

      Hi Hope,

      I’m quite new on the blogging scene too but am really enjoying it. I like reviews on products personally as I like to know what opinions are before I spend the money. I have started with my blog and my Instagram account and find that It works well. Getting views on the blog can be slow but when you see the views increase it is great 😊 . Have you started long? Xx


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