My favourite liquid lipstick…well done Jouer!

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Look at how pretty these lip cremes are!  I am a faithful follower of ‘czjouer’ on snapchat (the founder of Jouer) and when she (Christina) started to talk about what sounded like an impossible product…a liquid lipstick type of product that wasn’t drying but was long lasting and moisturising, I got very excited.

From following Christina on snapchat it is clear that the Jouer makeup brand is dedicated to producing quality products, which are good for the skin etc.  She is so passionate about the products she produces and doesn’t seem to settle for second best.  Anyway, when I heard about the lip cremes I couldn’t wait to see what they would release.

When the lip cremes where launched I was seriously contemplating purchasing them from America, but the shipping cost was crazy.  In fact I replied to Christina’s snapchat about them and explained how much I wanted the product but that the shipping costs made it difficult.  To my surprise she replied and told me that Cult Beauty were going to stock the product.  Even from this experience the brand has completely impressed me.

Now onto the actual product…the range has a total of 16 colours, made up of both matte and metallic finishes.  They are priced at £14 for 6 ml.  On the Jouer website (and Cult beauty website) there are charts showing the lipstick actually on lips which give a great indication of colour.  I purchased Noisette (a matte chocolate brown) and Dulce de Leche (a matte nude) so two very different colours as can be seen in the picture below.

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Jouer detail that the lip cremes are weightless, long-wearing and offer full coverage colour with a ‘soft-touch finish that glides on smoothly and lasts all day.’  Cult Beauty boosts that they are ‘weightless, non-drying and phenomenally long-wearing’ taking only ‘moments to dry’ so that you can eat, drink or kiss without leaving your lip stick behind.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging…it is very sleek looking however the handle of the applicator is very small and a cube so not very comfortable to hold when applying.  The applicator tip itself applies the product perfectly!

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The lip creme has a scent (just like ‘flumps’ the marshmallow twist sweets) which you can smell when opening the product but not when on the lips.  Both shades are very pigmented and only need one coat on the lips.  The swatches are one swipe of each which shows how pigmented they are.

After applied, the cremes dry very fast and are definitely long wearing.  In a full day at work I would only reapply once with drinking plenty of hot drinks and eating.  I don’t agree that they are completely transfer proof; when drinking I do notice a little left behind, however very little in comparison to others and you can’t tell on the lip.

Finally, the product is weightless on the lips, as described and I also don’t find them drying at all!!  These are the best formula of liquid lipstick that I have tried to date and would recommend them to anyone…absolutely fantastic…thank you Jouer!

You can purchase this wonderful lipstick here from Cult Beauty.  At the time of publishing the lip cremes are currently sold out on the Jouer website.

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