Disney and Urban Decay’s new creation: Alice Through the Looking Glass with swatches and a makeup look to try!

IMG_0551.JPGDetails, swatches and a makeup look to try!

I got it…woohoo!  Disney and makeup…what more could a lady want?  Just look at all the colours, so individual!  When I saw all the American Beauty Bloggers talking about this palette and seeing all the images on Instagram, I knew I had to get it.

So, some background on the product…Urban Decay has yet again teamed up with Disney to produce a palette which well and truly has been produced to reflect the new Disney release, Alice Through the Looking Glass (which will hit UK cinemas on 27th May).  Urban Decay has collaborated with Disney in the past producing the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows.  If I am honest I was not interested in makeup when this happened and don’t even remember it…the shame!

This limited-edition palette looks very much like to old Urban Decay palettes, rather bulky so not the best for travelling.  It has amazing detail and does look quirky however I feel like they could have done so much more with the packaging, making it look sleek as well as quirky.


Each shadow within in the palette is original, never seen before.  Four shades has been created for each character to reflect their personality, for instance the Alice shades are the most subdued, while the mad hatters are very bold and bright.  So lets get looking at the 20 shades!



1. Alice.JPG

Looking Glass:  This is a very pale demi-matte pink, which gives off a little sheen.  As you can see from the picture (in which I had to layer up the colour), on my pale skin it is barely visible.  I think this will be a good base colour.

It would also be nice as a touch in the middle of the lid and the inner corner to brighten.

Reflection:  I really like this pale peach for an everyday look.  It is matte so very versatile and the colour pay off is nice, however it needs to be built up and doesn’t feel overly creamy.

Dormouse:  This is a lovely brown colour which has a lovely creamy texture and is very pigmented…love this!  It has what I would describe as very small sparkles through it…very tasteful.

Metamorphosis:  I would describe this as a clear sky blue and is the perfect colour for Alice in my mind.  Urban Decay describe the colour as a periwinkle blue, which is a good description as it contains the same sparkle as Dormouse.  It has the same creamy texture as Dormouse and is very pigmented.

Mad Hatter


Hatter:  This bright green colour is for the brave amongst us; it has good colour pay off but is not overly soft.  When looking closely this also has ‘micro-sparkle’ as Urban Decay describe it but again it is very minor.

Gone Mad:  This deep purple shade has a shimmer quality.  It is beautifully pigmented and a great texture.

Paradox:  This bright orange has a great shimmer (gold toned), much more obvious than Gone Mad and Hatter, but is not glittery.  It reflects beautifully in the light and is so creamy.

Cake:  This bright pink has the same qualities as paradox above, however for some reason it doesn’t pick up the light as well as Paradox, possibly due to the shimmer being silver toned instead of gold.

Miranda, The White Queen

IMG_0497.JPGThis column of shades is my favourite of the palette for their wearability and finish.

Lily:  I love this shade so much; it has a metallic quality that catches the light in a stunning way.  Although it is a light pearly pink, it provides the perfect amount of colour in my opinion to provide a dusty shimmer touch.

Duchess:  This peach colour with a shimmer effect is very nice and lovely for the spring.  The colour looks a bit different in the pan than on the skin.  The colour is not overbearing at all and could be used so easily on so many looks.

Kingdom:  This is such a versatile brown / copper which contains a gold pearl effect (which I keep describing as metallic).  It would be beautiful for a gold bronze effect makeup look right on the middle of the lid.  It is very creamy and easy to use.

Chessboard:  A matte true brown is very creamy and pigmented.  It is the only brown in the palette which could really be used as a crease colour, however for my pale skin it is a little dark for this.

Iracebeth, The Red Queen


Heads will Roll:  This teal shade is a darker green than the Hatter shade, and it contains much more prominent sparkle.  The blue tone is more obvious on the skin than in the pan.  It is creamy and quite pigmented, very good quality.

Bandersnatch:  A matte nearly navy blue which is very creamy and pigmented.  I find this an interesting shade, one that I have never seen anything similar to in a palette before and can’t wait to play with it.

Salazen Grum:  This colour intrigues me so much; it is a shimmery light reflecting crimson red.  As you can see in the swatch, when on the skin it has a coppers tone and is a beautiful colour.  It provides a good colour payoff and is creamy.  It has a similar sheen as Lily and Duchess but is more pigmented.

Royal Flush:  This is a lovely pearl beige colour.  It has a nice amount of shimmer and is very wearable…love it!



Time:  I would call this colour a deep grey / carbon grey with navy shimmer.  It is extremely pigmented and creamy, amazing quality.

Dream on:  This shade took me completely by surprise.  I expected it to be a creamy deep metallic purple however it is not creamy at all.  It actually is extremely difficult to get any colour from this shade.  To produce the swatch I really had to build this colour up.  It is a light lilac colour with silver glitter / sheen.  I do think this will be very wearable but is definitely not what you will be expecting from it.

Chronosphere:  This is a beautiful deep bronze shade which definitely is metallic.  Again this shadow is creme and pigmented and very classy.

Mirror:  This creamy shadow is deep grey in colour with a hint of taupe.  It also gives a metallic shimmer but it is not as obvious as Chronosphere; truly great quality.

As you can see, this palette has a wide range of shades and textures.


  • Some really individual shades
  • Majority are of beautiful quality
  • Plenty of shades to play with
  • I love how the shades are split into each character


  • Lack of more matte shades.  Although not impossible, it is hard to purely use this palette.  I think it would be much more useable if there had of been more complimentary matte shade.
  • The bulkiness of the packaging really annoys me as I definitely won’t be brining this with me travelling.
  • In my opinion the brush that comes with it isn’t fantastic; I have much better brushes in my collection.

So overall, my view is that this is a really interesting palette and I really do like it.  The shades are really individual but many are really bold and bright so can be quite difficult to wear.


Now…I have been experimenting with the shadows and here is one look I have created.  Let me know what you think in the comments section below and if you would like to see more let me know!


  • First I put Inglots amazing eye shadow keeper and set it with Lilly as a base.
  • I used Chessboard as a transition shade through my crease and above it slightly.
  • I placed Chessboard in the outer corner and layered it with Chronosphere, blending both through the crease also.  Chronosphere has a metallic finish but I found that it blended beautifully and enhanced the outer corner.
  • From the middle of the lid to the inner corner I placed Duchess.
  • To provide a pop of intense colour I placed Salazen Grum in the middle of the lid.
  • Finally I placed Royal Flush on the inner corner with fix plus on my brush to enhance the colour.  I blended chessboard under my lower lash line to finish the look.IMG_0507 2.JPG

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