July 2016 Birchbox Collaboration with Millie Mackintosh

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I love getting home from work and having my Birchbox waiting for me once a month; it makes me smile and this month’s definitely didn’t disappoint.  In fact I think this has been my favourite box so far and it happens to be a collaboration with Mille Mackintosh.

I have deliberately not posted this post until now as I hope everyone who regularly receives the box have received it and those of you who don’t normally receive it still have time to purchase it here.  I hate seeing pictures on Instagram and posts of people’s birchbox before I have a chance to open my box; I love the surprise.

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This month’s box is extremely pretty and entitled ‘Never-ending summer.’  I love the effort Birchbox place in the packaging!  Like every month, the box contains five beauty products.  You can find details on prices etc at the link above.

Love of Colour Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil in Bohemian Rose

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This particular shade is an exclusive to this month’s Birchbox and I think it is worth purchasing the box just for this lip pencil.  The shade and name were both selected by Millie and what a great job she did.  I love the girly glossy pink shade, although I know some people don’t like pink lipsticks so maybe it won’t be everyones cup of tea.  For me, it is a brilliant shade for a pretty summer day time look.

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It is so comfortable on the lips due to its glossy finish and is very easy to apply in its pencil format.  It feels moisturising and doesn’t highlight any of the dryness on my lips.  The product lasts a nice amount of time for a glossy lipstick but if you are eating you will need to reapply (which is quick and easy to do).  I really like this pencil and was pleasantly surprised with its performance.  Oh, I nearly forgot, this is a full size product!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment

The second full size product was one of two options which I got to choose between before receiving the box.  The other product was to smooth frizzy hair but luckily I don’t have that problem; instead I battle with flat lifeless hair.  I’m really looking forward to trying this volumising product.  The directions detail that you should shampoo and condition first before applying the treatment.  It only needs to left in for 3-5 minutes.

Caudalie Anti-Wrinkle Protect Fluid

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I will accept any anti-wrinkle product with open arms…prevention is better than remedy, right?!  This cream contains SPF20 and ‘is packed with antioxidants to fight wrinkles, vitamin C to stimulate cell renewal, and hyaluronic acid to plump skin too’  as per Birchbox….Sounds pretty good to me.  The cream feels nice on my skin and has a fresh citrus kind of smell that isn’t overpowering.


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This micellaire lotion boosts of removing makeup in a gentle manner.  I haven’t tried it yet but will definitely use this product as I haven’t used any kind of micellar water to date.  A sample of 25ml was provided.

Nails Inc.

I received a sample of Nails Inc. polish in a stone grey shade.  As is a theme in this Birchbox, I haven’t tried Nails Inc. polish before, shocker I know.  I’m sure everyone else has but I’m looking forward to trying it.  I somehow manage to chip nail polish within 5 minutes of application so fingers crossed this will last!

This has been my first Birchbox post, if you would like me to post them in the future, let me know in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading!

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Love Being Graceful xx


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