My Makeup Brush Set

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Oval brushes are everywhere right now…if you haven’t saw these brushes (which look kind of like a toothbrush or a hair brush) you mustn’t have checked your Instagram for at least 3 months.  There are some very pricey brushes, such as the Artis brushes which I have yet to try but was delighted when I was offered this set from My Makeup Brush Set.  I kindly received the 10 Piece Black and Gold Oval Brush Set which as you can see from the pictures are very pretty.  They are currently available on the website for £29.99 here.

Each brush is made of synthetic hairs which are extremely soft.  There are five brushes that are the oval shape, three with are more oblong and two small circular brushes.  I have used the oval shaped brushes mainly for applying foundation, bronzer and blusher.  The oblong shaped brushes are mainly for eyeshadow and eye liner, however I’m not a fan of this sort of brush for applying eye makeup, I prefer more traditional brushes.  The circular brushes are for applying lip products, eye shadow and concealer.  I am not a fan of these for normal lipstick but think they are great for spot concealing!

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The brushes I use for foundation and blush etc. blend beautifully however I do feel that they use a little more product than my other makeup brushes, I had to use a more product to get the same coverage…nothing major but I did notice it.

Another thing to note is that the larger brushes don’t feel very sturdy so when using I felt that I needed to be careful not to break them.  None of the brushes have broke but I do think that they could easily snap.

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Overall for the price, the brushes do bend beautifully and you are getting ten brushes, however from all the brushes I have only used four regularly.  They are very pretty and come with a draw string bag.

Have you tried these brushes or any other from My makeup brush set?


Being Graceful xx


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