Some background on me….I am a 20 something year old girl with fair skin and hair…and unfortunately I don’t seem to have grown out of my teenage spotty skin.  Over the past couple of years my interest in makeup has taken off, with it now being labelled my ‘makeup addiction.’ I am definitely no makeup artist, instead I am just your ‘typical girl’ that loves experimenting with new makeup and different styles…and as my blog name suggests…I attempt to do this with a touch of gracefulness!

In an ideal world, I would have an unlimited time to play with makeup and ‘perfect’ my look every day as I sip on a cup of tea and catch up on the morning gossip, snapchat stories and youtube videos from my favourite bloggers.  Unfortunately life gets in the way and my routine is much more hectic!  Every morning I run around the house like a mad woman, trying to get on the road before the morning traffic hits.  While I try to portray that ‘I am so naturally pretty and graceful’ look with my makeup, I am not afforded much time to apply my war paint.  This is why makeup is so interesting to me…searching for products that make my everyday that little bit easier or that make my skin look that little bit better.

Starting this blog is a major change for me, but hey why not! Just like I am no makeup artist,  I also have quite bad English skills.  I warn you now…my blog posts will be full of grammar faux pas and my good old Northern Irish colloquialisms.

Any way…enough about me…I hope you enjoy my thoughts, pictures and my blog in general! All of your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.image

Instagram: @graceful_graceful




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