Dior Addict Lip Glow – Maximising your Natural Lip Colour

This is a product we all need to know about this winter!  It is that time of year when the cold freeze attacks my lips causing them the crack and flake…not a very attractive look.  When applying lipstick on top, it can at times accentuate this, especially if the lipstick has a drying formula.

Well, worry no more, Dior to the rescue.  Dior Addict Lip Glow is simply a lip balm but unlike other lip balms I own it brings out the natural colour of the lips.  When I first received this as a gift I was a bit skeptical that it could possibly be worth the £24 price tag.  However when I tried it, I was shocked at how much colour it gave my lips.

I have the colour 001 pink which enhances the girly pink tones in my lips; I have to say it is very pretty (I could even say graceful).  The lip balm smells slightly minty and has that refreshing taste to it as well.

I can’t tell you that the lip balm is the most moisturising product I have ever put on my lips, to me it as moisturising as any of my other lip balms; it is the colouring qualities which it also contains that really sells the product for me.

To me the 001 pink colour will be perfect for spring time, when I can start wearing lovely pastel and summery shades.  Coral and lilac are also available although I haven’t purchased them yet…they are top of my beauty to buy list (a very long list).

If you have tired this product – let me know your thoughts!


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