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Many of you will know Soap & Glory for their numerous creamy body butters and effective shower scrubs.  Due to Boots 3 for 2 gift set offers at Christmas, they are often a key feature of most women’s Christmas giving and receiving (I love receiving them and even bought myself a set this year).  However some of you may not be as familiar with their makeup range so listen up ladies as I go through some of my favourites😁.  (They also have some interesting new products which I plan to review over the next couple of months after I have tried them out.)

The range is so easy to purchase being available at boots, I will post a link to each product below.


Supercat Liquid Eyeliner Pen

I definitely am not perfect when it comes to applying my liquid eyeliner…normally one is very pretty and then I mess the other up completely.  This eyeliner makes the process much easier though and I really like the shape of the marker applicator…it is just like using a felt tip!  The tip is fine, but not too fine, increasing in width.  It lasts all day on the lid and I rarely set it with black eyeshadow, only really if I wish to smoke it out a little.  The eyeliner does sometimes transfer a little onto my eyelid after a long day but I think this is more to do with oils in my skin as this happens with every eyeliner I try.


Soap & Glory also stock Supercat FAT which is a jumbo marker which has a very thick applicator nib, much too thick for me, however if you prefer to wear bold eyeliner this would be worth checking out.

Supercat is currently £6 at Boots and can be purchased here.

Archery Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil

I have always been nervous about filing in my eyebrows…I pretty much have blonde fur for eyebrows and in photos they look awful.  I have been nervous about which colour to use and if I am filing them in right…like where do you stop!?  Recently I went and had my eyebrows threaded by a very talented lady in Belfast, who after shaping my eyebrows, gave me tips and pointers in using my own brow products.  Since then I have been loving this product!


This two ended product contains a felt-tip end and a retractable crayon end.  I first use the felt-tip end to fill in my brows starting from the mid-section to the end drawing out the outline very lightly and using little strokes over my brow.  This nearly gives the appearance of hairs!  Be light handed when using this as I definitely think you could go overboard and the little strokes stops you from actually just colouring them in!  I then bring the product in toward the inner section of the brows, not taking the felt-tip right to the most inner part of the brows.  I flip the product and use the ‘crayon’ end to fill in the inner corners of the eyebrow again using little strokes and blending this in when it meets the felt-tip product.  I find this technique gives the inner part of the brows more of a softness and makes them look much more natural than if I use the felt-tip over all of my brows.  Finally I brush the product through my brows which again helps the look much more natural.

Another tip that I was given by my beautician was to heat up the crayon end prior to use, simply by applying it on my hand first.  It gives a much better application this way.

There are three shades available:  Love is Blonde (which I use), Brownie Points and Dark Chocolate.

This product is long lasting and in my opinion very worth the £10 price tag, it can be bought at boots here.

Soap & Glory also have another Archery product which as a 2 in 1 ‘pencil’ and brush.  The ‘pencil’ end to this is really a finer version of  crayon end I have mentioned above.  Although this product is also great, I find that it takes me way too long to fill in my brows and it does not have the felt-tip product which I love using.  However if you like to be really precise when working with your brows you may like to try this version out.

Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick


Although I am really not keen on the name of this product, I actually love the lipstick itself.  I have the colour ‘The Missing Pink’ which is a lovely spring time pink, nothing too bold but definitely visible on the lips.  The formula is very comfortable on the lips which is unsurprising as it contains Shea Butter and Monoi Butter.  It also boosts of containing Hyaluronic acid and Ceramide 2, I don’t have a clue what this is really but Soap & Glory detail that it is to help reduce visible wrinkles on the lip.  The formula is a satin finish however in the colour I have, it is not an obvious satin finish and therefore looks very on trend with the current matte makeup wave to hit the market.


The packaging is of really high quality and the detail on the lipstick is lovely with ’S&G’ being imprinted on the side of the lipstick.

There are currently 3 or 4 other colours available and are only £6 here at the time of publishing.

This lipstick effortlessly gives me full and pretty lips for every day and The Missing Pink is a great colour for spring/summer, highly recommended!

Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen-Coat Mascara


I have been using this mascara for quite a while and love it for an everyday mascara.  It is long lasting and doesn’t clump easily, although it may a little if many layers are applied.  I apply it to my lower lashes on a daily basis and it doesn’t crumble easily although when I get tired and rub my eyes it obviously does a little (all my own fault)!  I find that the mascara gives my lashes length but is not overly volumising.  This is why I think this is a great, affordable every day mascara but not the best mascara for volume.

A boots this can be purchases for £10.50 here.

Kick ass Concealer

Before we start discussing this product, I am sorry about the mess of the product is the picture…it is obviously used very often, always a good sign of a loved product.


This concealer has three components:

  1. Under eye brightening concealer:  This concealer has a salmon undertone to it which counteracts  the dark colours under the eye.  I use this directly along the bag on my eye only as I use another concealer to brighten my whole under eye area.  I find that this blends easily under my eye but if I use too much it will crease slightly even when set with the powder provided.  I would therefore advise using just a little of this product as that is all that is needed to make this product work effectively!
  2. ‘Superwear light scrambling on the spot complexion concealer’:  I LOVE this concealer for covering my blemishes.  Unfortunately when I get a spot (which is often) I just can’t leave it alone and have to pick at all, leaving scabs on my face often.  I find this concealer covers these brilliantly when applied with my finger, gently blending it through tapping motions.  This is more yellow toned that the eye brightening concealer which I find help to neutralise the more pink tones of my blemishes.
  3. Transparent setting powder:  This product also comes with a transparent setting powder and a puff to apply it with.  I would not recommend you use the puff, I have found it to be pretty pointless; a brush is much better!  The setting powder is very lightweight and fine which I think is everything you could want in a setting powder.  It is completely colourless on the skin and I think it is great!

The favourite part of this product for me is that all of the items are contained in one package and therefore is perfect for travelling.  To be honest I normally you the powder below to set my concealer on a daily basis but when I am on holiday / travelling this is perfect.

For £10 here I think this product is worth buying!

Kickass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder


Soap & Glory details that this powder has superblur technology which is to help perfect you face, leaving it looking smooth and feeling soft.  I am unsure if it ‘blurs’ the face but it definitely makes it look smooth and my skin always feels so soft after application.  With many other ‘translucent’ powders I find that they aren’t really translucent however this powder definitely is!  I use this every day and have hit serious pan so will be repurchasing this product very soon!

It can be purchased here for £12.

All of the products above are 3 for 2 at boots, so if you purchase 3 the cheapest product is free…get buying ladies!


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