H&M Cream Lipstick


As this is my second H&M blog, I am sure you are starting to understand how much I love H&M.  When I first heard that H&M was bringing out this makeup line last year I was a bit skeptical as makeup in some high street fashion stores can be very hit or miss on their quality (except Topshop – their makeup is amazing!)  I have tried a number of H&M makeup products and have been presently surprised.  To date, (as far as I am aware) the Northern Ireland stores do not stock the makeup range which is a bit annoying as colours can appear different online.

My favourite purchase to date is the star of this blog…their cream lipstick.  The colour I have is cream chestnut 003. It is the perfect shade for an everyday look, not being a fashion statement but instead blending into my look to make my lips look naturally beautiful and give an air of sophistication.  These lipsticks are so comfortable on and not drying at all, in fact I would actually say they are moisturising.  H&M’s cream lipsticks are only £7.99 and on their website at the moment there are some beautiful colours for spring/summer.  In the next couple of weeks I plan to purchase some so keep an eye on my instagram for swatches!


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