Inglot Eye Shadow Keeper – You need this in your life!

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This is a quick post to share a hidden gem I have found.  I’ve been keeping my eye out for a new eye primer for a while and I have found a primer which makes my eyeshadow stay perfectly in place all day…the Eye Shadow Keeper by Inglot.

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My Current Eye Shadow Brushes

Eyeshadows…the most fun part of my makeup look…all the different colours to blend, blend, blend until they smooth beautifully (and until your arms gets sore).  I find that eyeshadow sets off every look and even the most basic eyeshadow makes your makeup look complete and gives that graceful appeal.  Eyeshadow in my opinion is the makeup step which can set you apart from others.

Eyeshadow brushes, in my opinion, should make the application and blending process easier and give an effortless and blended look.  I am really happy with my eyeshadow brushes at present, don’t get me wrong, I always want to try new ones especially new pretty ones, but the ones I have are great!

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