My Current Eye Shadow Brushes

Eyeshadows…the most fun part of my makeup look…all the different colours to blend, blend, blend until they smooth beautifully (and until your arms gets sore).  I find that eyeshadow sets off every look and even the most basic eyeshadow makes your makeup look complete and gives that graceful appeal.  Eyeshadow in my opinion is the makeup step which can set you apart from others.

Eyeshadow brushes, in my opinion, should make the application and blending process easier and give an effortless and blended look.  I am really happy with my eyeshadow brushes at present, don’t get me wrong, I always want to try new ones especially new pretty ones, but the ones I have are great!

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L’Oréal Infallible 24h Lip Colour

With liquid lipsticks being the in craze at the minute I have been experimenting with a number of them.  In my opinion they have changed the lipstick world for the better, providing long-lasting results which I can’t see going anywhere any time soon!


As part of the L’Oréal infallible range, the 24 hour lip colours boast of being long lasting and touch proof.  I purchased two colours:  404 Corail Constant which is coral colour with nearly an orange tinge which will be nice for the spring months; and 507 Relentless Rouge, a deep red colour.

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H&M Cream Lipstick


As this is my second H&M blog, I am sure you are starting to understand how much I love H&M.  When I first heard that H&M was bringing out this makeup line last year I was a bit skeptical as makeup in some high street fashion stores can be very hit or miss on their quality (except Topshop – their makeup is amazing!)  I have tried a number of H&M makeup products and have been presently surprised.  To date, (as far as I am aware) the Northern Ireland stores do not stock the makeup range which is a bit annoying as colours can appear different online.

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Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon Palette…Yum!

Eye shadows and chocolate combined (kind of)…what more could a woman want!?  The delicious chocolate smell of this palette will make you crave your favourite chocolate so take my advice and have some on hand to nibble on when you use this wonderful palette (any excuse 😁).

I had never tried Too Faced eye shadows prior to this and boy have they impressed!  The colour selection in this palette is great, a good mix of matte and shimmery shades, with a few brighter colours as the cherry (or should I say chocolate) on top.  Each of the colours blend so easily and the shimmery shades especially are so pigmented and classy on the lid.  An every day look can be achieved or a stunning night time look!


Almond Truffle, Pecan Praline and Mocha (although a litter darker) are fantastic crease colours, with their matte finish blending easily.  I have used both Divinity and Satin Sheets (the shades in rectangular pans) to add a pop of colour to the inner corners of the eyes and to highlight my brow bone.  Overall this is a really versatile and pretty palette.

My personal favourites are Molasses Chip, Café Au Lait, Dark Truffle and Earl Grey (that I would say has a hint of deep green) which can be seen below in this order:


I can’t end this blog post without mentioning how well designed the palette itself is…the heart shaped pans are something else, making the palette standout from all rest and helps to release the inner girl within!

The palette can be purchased at Debenhams here.

H&M Jewellery Haul

H&M is one of my fashion favourites, having stylish and affordable items which means I can buy more for my money!  My latest shopping trip resulted in a bit of a jewellery haul from H&M – I have never really purchased jewellery from H&M before but have been pleasantly surprised.  Lets get started!

Necklace with Changeable Letter Pendants

This product is my favourite out of all my purchases and think it is fantastic.  Every day I have worn it, people have complimented it!  It is simple and personalised and really reflects my fashion sense.   The short necklace is accompanied by every letter in the alphabet plus an extra ‘a’.  It is completely up to you what you place on the necklace, whether it be your name or whatever you desire…I think this is a great present and all for £7.99. Get shopping ladies!

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Round Metal Earrings 

The four pairs of earrings are in pale grey, light pink, white and gold.  Although I haven’t worn them much yet, they have been comfortable to wear so far.  They are studs so can easily be worn casually but as they have a classy look, they will set off any sophisticated outfit.  With the pastel tones, they will be wearable right through the spring and summer.  They also come in silver and a marble effect, the latter of which looks amazing!

For the pack of four, it cost £3.99.  They can be bought here.



Rose Gold Rings – Pack of 6

On my shopping trip I was on the look out for this style of rings as they appear to be very ‘in’ right now.  The first place I thought of was not H&M however these rings are great.  Although they may not last 5 or ten years – I don’t need them to.  As a fashionable item, they probably won’t be the in craze then.  I love that they are in rose gold too, as they match many of the other jewellery items I have.

Like most shops on the high street, the rings are attached to cardboard and therefore it is hard to try them on to select the right size…I hate this and can never get the right size, always either too big or too small…drives me mad!  But for £3.99 what can I expect!  (Rant over)

These are a real steal for £3.99.  You can buy them here.

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Necklace and pack of 6 rose gold rings